Fresh fruits and veggies can give such joy to one’s soul. Please eat them often.

Mistakes can be made

Erasable pen! Helpful tool for a gaijin writing Japanese.  

Joys of Adulthood

Adulthood is great. I don’t get detention for chewing gum in class.

Rainy Day

Gray and wet outside Soothing water sounds about Perfect for thinking.


That mermaid sure knows how to make a great cup of Chai tea.  I love her!

New niece

Baby Claire is here! A pink little joy bundle we can’t wait to meet.

Something’s Coming

What could it be?

Friends, I have just over eight months until I’m thirty years old.  A milestone like this brings one to assess one’s goals, and I’ve been especially musing over the ones I said I would accomplish by the time I was thirty. I’m sure there were many.  I’ve long forgotten many of them.  I wanted to […]

Kurihama Hana No Kuni

Fields of poppies bloom A big Godzilla hovers at the Flower World.

Tip for life

In movies, smart guys don’t get in elevators when running away.


Love online shopping! the whole world at your fingers; no one has my size.