It’s residential lottery time, and the results are in!  The next location for the Chamberlin Bed-and-breakfast is Jacksonville, Florida.  We will be arriving there in early October. There is the usual mixed bag of emotions preceding any move, but the most prevalent one is excitement.  We have been saving up vacations for the very last […]

Invite me to lunch

Strolling along with Takahashi-san

I have a general rule that I try to follow.   It is, if someone invites you to share a meal, accept.  If it’s at all possible.  This is with a few caveats of course, but as a general rule it has always proved to be rather fun. Yesterday I had lunch with my Japanese […]


Japan’s summers bring big blue orbs of hydrangeas, parasols and sun.

Travel restrictions

So many places, so little time to explore. Such are vacations.

Fashion crisis

I think I’m too young to feel so old and frumpy. It might be too late.


You understand things. When you stay here for a while, Odd becomes normal.

Don’t follow the green light

If you stay too long, those long fluorescent lights will suck out your soul.


Mango-flavored things make me especially glad; Today it’s soda.


A sense of surprise strikes me when I notice a gaijin in Japan.

Virginia in summer

Beach days, fireflies, Barbecues and movie nights, these were my summers.