Limited Time Offer

Ninjas love mail & you!

It’s summertime, my favorite season! I’ve decided that I want to offer something to you, the ten people who read this blog. I am combining a few of my favorite things to share with you!

Introducing the I Love Mail (& You) Project. If you are one of the lucky ten people to sign up, I will send you a present in the mail every month for the next seven months. Friend or soon-to-be friend, it doesn’t matter. Fill in the form below and I will send you something in the mail.

A few notes. I Love Mail (& You) Project is a project designed by me for the sole purpose of having fun. I offer you no guarantees – I will send you seven presents, but maybe they’ll be late. They could be absolutely anything – perhaps just a small note, maybe an elephant! The fun is in the surprise. I could send you more than seven presents, but I will try to send you at least one thing a month. If you put some interests in the likes box of the form, maybe I’ll try to tailor your gifts. Maybe I won’t. You will be entirely dependent upon my whims.

If we haven’t met in person yet and you are concerned about my being a stalker, please feel free to use whatever name you’d like. I’ll address it to Jane Austen if you want (but I’ll know it’s you, cousin Anna) or even Ironman (which is, incidentally, my hubby’s vote for the name of our first son).

I won’t sell your address or send you any spam emails or junk mail – this info is only for me to send you things and to make sure that you got them.

Expectations from you? None. If you’d like to send me some mail, I’ll welcome it! But it’s not necessary at all.

Why? Well, I’ll list some of my favorites. Mail. Who doesn’t love opening up the mailbox and discovering something unexpected just for them? Yes, we are a world full of the electronic, but there is delight in the tangibleness of post-delivered mail. Mail can cure loneliness, and thus I believe it is good for society.

Next, travels. But travels are never nearly as fun unless you can share them.

Presents. Presents are grand.

Finally, friendship. We all long for connection in a big world, and here is one way for me to connect to you, dear reader. Fill out the form, and let the fun begin. Thanks always for sharing this blog with me.

UPDATE: 10 Lucky Winners have been selected! Hooray! But keep your eye out for more contests and happenings – This one is just the beginning. Thanks again!