Found: Letter from the past

I found this letter among my stationary stash the other day.  I am notorious for keeping things from forever ago, and sometimes unpacking my things is like a treasure hunt.  I would date this to around my middle school years based on my awesome handwriting.  Who was it to?  I don’t know.  I had thought and was reaffirmed by Jose that it was a letter to myself, but then I questioned why I would refer to myself as a dear friend.

It’s entirely possible though, as I did love writing letters to my future self.  As a teenager I was infinitely more dramatic than I am today.  I don’t remember being unhappy, but often feeling trapped and out of place.  I always had this fear of being stuck where I was and never getting to see the world.  Of course under the magnifying glass of teenage hormones, it probably seemed like a horrible fate to feel as though you didn’t quite fit in.  Now my world is bigger, and I’ve realized that not only do I fit in, but I fit in everywhere.  Why?  Because I don’t need to be like everyone else, I just need to be me.

Yes, my dear friend, today my life is rather enjoyable.  I thank you for giving it a good foundation to stand upon.

Letter to self? Hmm...