In Loving Memory

May, Kevin and I at our high school graduation party, June 2000

Today is my friend Kevin’s birthday.  He would have been 30 years old today had his life not been cut tragically short by a car accident when we were in college.  I don’t have many memories from the golden period of high school that I treasure more than spending time with Kevin, whose humor and sense of adventure have inspired me to this day.

With Kevin, we were always laughing, singing, goofing off, teasing.  I used to call him my stud-muffin;  I don’t even remember how that started.  He loved to dance and pretend that he was a member in a boy band.  He was famous for celebrating birthdays or other special occasions with cake, and then shoving the cake in your face.  It was impossible to take life too seriously when he was around, but you knew what was important to him.  He valued his family, his best friends and his life.  It was evident in the way he treated people;  He was kind, giving and affectionate with the people he loved.

Today his friends and family remember a guy who brought joy to our lives, and a person we were immensely lucky to know.  Kevin, we miss you and love you!

A rock from Kevin's memorial service