Superbowl Sunday and Why I Love Hipsters

Best Superbowl Sunday ever!

Sports and I?  We’ve never quite understood each other.  Sure I know the rules of the game, but Sports is so demanding.  Players, stats, teams, their leaders and coaches – this information is extraneous to me except in chitchatting with fans.  But I’m no poser.  I can’t pretend I know much about you, Sports.

So on your national holiday, I graciously bowed out of participating in America’s favorite wing-eating, color-wearing, rivalry-sparking pastime.  Instead, I went to the anti-Superbowl, a nighttime hipster fiesta.  And what’s more, I had the most awesome time ever.

This Sunday night my beloved and equally sports-baffled husband and I went to The Unchained Tour, a storytelling event in the vein of the Moth.  The Moth is a storytelling event that highlights real people telling stories without notes.  If you have never heard it, check out their podcast.  It’s one of my favorites.  Nerd that I am, I absolutely LOVE the Moth and was schoolgirl giddy at the idea of going.  I was equally curious to see who would show up at such an event on the most sacred of evenings in the football-obsessed South.  I was betting that a certain crowd would be there.

My guess was rewarded with complete accuracy;  the tiny gallery venue was alive with older ladies in flowing scarves jauntily sipping wine, pale boys with longish hair and black-framed glasses snapping photos, and carefully-dressed college girls thumbing through a modest selection of vintage clothing on sale.  The event began with music by a fantastic band called Shovels and Rope, and I was enthralled by the storytellers that followed.  The stories were entertaining, comical, heartfelt and all true.  It’s a simple gig, but it works – a stage, a storyteller, and an audience.  Throw in a bit of music and a glass of wine, and you have the makings of a fine evening.  The tour advocates many of the things that I love – shop independent, local and within your community.  Make connections with people, and you can do it through storytelling.

I love that a crowd of people showed up to an event on an evening when everyone else we know was glued to the television, rooting for blue vs. blue (or red?  Green?  White?)  I’m no hipster, but hipsters make events like this happen.  So thanks, you art school graduates and independent-minded citizens.  I miss my art school life just a little bit, and you made me feel a little more at home.

And Sports?  Don’t worry.  We’re coming to a season where we have slightly more in common, and you know I always stick with you at World Series time.