Little Rainbow Ninja

Team White on Rice at Color Me Rad!

Just because I’m red does not mean I’m opposed to different colors, and today I tried them all on at Jacksonville’s Color Me Rad Race!  The weekend has been subject to much preparation because as team captain of Team White on Rice, there were custom t-shirts and fluffy tutus to make.

But all the arrangements came together beautifully in a rainbow explosion that left us looking like we had visited a land of magical butterflies, lollipops and fluffy pink clouds.  A fantastic place where unicorns had vomited color all over us.  Only the fluffy pink clouds were real.

Why did you do it?  What would possess you to spend your Saturday morning driving out to the boondocks of Jacksonville to voluntarily have an overeager mob of fanatics douse you with cornstarch paint?

Not for the fame, as by the time I went through the first station I took a paint bomb in the eye and became unrecognizably pink.  Luckily for my teammates, I was labeled with a handy team shirt.  Does the color come off?  Yes, I’m now squeaky clean.  Except for a spot under my arm that I forgot to scrub.  It looks like I have a massive green bruise.

Not for the glory of the race either.  The 5K has no race chips, no winners, and no particular goals in mind other than to at some point make it to the finish.  Trotting along and chatting with my friends through the forest of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center suited me just fine.  Cheering and frolicking alongside a mob of painted folks was jolly good fun.  At the end of the race there’s a rally where everyone throws up clouds of color.  In the middle of the crowd, it feels like being caught in a sandstorm, except rainbow-colored.  It was festive, except for the taste of cornstarch that lingers in your mouth.

So why ?  Because I’m an artist, and I love color.  And because I really wanted to run through fluffy pink clouds with my merry band of friends, who are generally up for adventures of all sorts, even the kinds that cover you in paint.