Garden Paradise


Piles of Defeated Weeds!!!

When we purchased our home, I looked at our jungle of a backyard and I had big dreams.  I dreamed of veggie garden beds with juicy vegetables, of beds of tropical flowers, of trees plump with fruit.  In essence, I dreamed of having my mother’s lovely and well-tended garden.  Almost a year later, this is not yet what I have.  What I have is a work in progress.  Little by little, Jose and I fought to tame the wild that is our backyard.  Florida, with its lovely beaches and delightfully warm weather, is still essentially a swamp.  Vines, pine tree droppings, critters, and more join forces against my dreams of home-grown vegetable eating.


My primary battle is with my personal and unholy enemy.  I am speaking of mosquitos, the bane of my existence and the ultimate reason I cannot step into my own backyard with out first bathing myself in Cutter bug spray.  Jose has taken to the scent as though it were my perfume.  However, even the magic shield of Cutter is defeated by the gallons of sweat that gush from my pores in this Floridian heat and humidity.  The little suckers wait the mere minutes it takes for this to happen, and then the attack begins.  Five minutes and thirty-five bites later, I look like I am in the midst of a smallpox epidemic.


All this only proves that dreams are made of hard work and sacrifice.  If you want fresh veggies, you have to endure a few bites, my friends.  In my case, I’ll have to endure bites, buckets of sweat, and the possibility of being overtaken by vines in the family of Audrey 2.  In honor of my struggle against nature, here are a few haikus.


Fire ants abound

I pour hot water on them

With sadistic glee.


Wolf spider and kids,

Nightmares are made of these things

They can’t be unseen.


Wasps, Wasps, go away!

Don’t come back again ever

Jose, not me, kills.


Itty bitty snake!

Are you a poisonous one?

Let’s call Dad and ask.


And a guest haiku by Jose.


Wolf Spider invades,

“Get the kids off my back, please!”

She says.  Smash!  She’s dead.