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Super Fresh OJ!

Super Fresh OJ!

The last few weeks have provided Jing with a Floridian winter wonderland, consisting of bright sunny days with temperatures above 70 degrees and glasses of fresh orange juice squeezed from oranges from our very own fantastic backyard orange tree.

Life in the sunshine state is made sweeter by our precious orange tree.   This fresh orange juice, produced by our five-dollar white elephant sale citrus juicer, is a highlight of my day.  But everyone sit your self down or brace yourself against a wall, because I’m about to lay on you my secret ninja recipe for orange juice happiness in the new year.

In the evening, I pick a few oranges from our dwindling tree stash and place them in the refrigerator.  In the morning, I bound out of my bed and into the kitchen, where I lovingly half the oranges, juice them, and then I fill the rest of my breakfast glass with coconut water.  I subsequently down the OJ and coconut water concoction while I go about my morning chores.

Why can’t you just drink store-bought OJ like normal people, Jing?  Why do you feel the need to add coconut water to a perfectly acceptable drink?  Well, there are several reasons why I prefer my homemade version.

First, that jazz is fresh, yo.  Fresh = yum yum yum in my book.

Second, you get the satisfaction of having accomplished something awesome so early in the day.  This morning, I made juice, and it was delicious.

Third, the coconut water, while not currently a fresh ingredient, is good for your skin according to a doctor I once consulted on the point of my highly embarrassing and ridiculous adult acne.  She advised that I drink some everyday, and I previously found this to be quite challenging.  However, now I perform the task without hesitation.  Is my skin clear?  Meh, 50/50.  Is my juice delicious?  100 percent tasty.

I vote that you resolve to try it and let me know what you think.  Do you have any morning routines that make life sweet?

  • Lauralee Estes

    You make me smile … even hundreds of miles away Jenny!  I have to admit, much like you, I typically plan the night before what I am going to eat the next morning.  I am on a grapefruit kick right now.  Just purchased a 10 lb bag for $5 … SCORE =)

  • Cousin Kate

    That sounds delicious! Come out here and make that for me!