Brand New Year


After a long period of radio silence, I feel inspired to record the adventures planned for the year.  This shiny, brand new year holds a host of changes for us, including:

An extended mission.  We’re going to Honduras!  We’ll be spending a few months there, going on missions, building websites and starting a coffee distribution business for the Missioners of Christ.

Travel, travel and more travel.  Guatemala, Honduras, Virginia Beach and Chicago are all on the list this year.

A career change.  Jose and I will be going back to school to study web development and computer programming.

A major move.  After we graduate from school, we’ll find a job and relocate to a new home!

A few solid weeks in our hometown.  We’re excited to spend a few uninterrupted weeks with our family!  After 10 years in the Navy, it’s great to be home for a while.

While all these changes are making my head spin, I’m excited for the things to come.  I feel more ninja-like when I’m on the move, and so with one week to go before we move out of our Florida home, I’m feeling more ninja everyday.  Here we go!