Back to School


This morning, I packed up my backpack and Jose and I trotted off to school.  Inside a beautiful garden courtyard, I met my teacher Erika.  We sat all morning in our little classroom, which was two chairs, a table and a whiteboard in a little hut along a path in the garden.  For five hours she taught me Spanish verbs, grammar and vocabulary.  By the time we played a little game of memory with Jose and one other foreign student, my brain was fried.  After hours of trying to relearn every word you know and use in a simple conversation, I was spent.

However, school is lovely!  It’s quite helpful to sit and chat all day with a teacher, and Erika is patient with my blunders and helpful with my questions.  I love the magic of learning a language; it’s amazing to discover to you know the meaning of a word when before it was just a unrecognizable sound.  It’s like seeing a new place for the first time, and you almost feel giddy at the progress of any new vocabulary you can pick up.

The week promises to be quite fun, with a few educational field trips sprinkled in between lessons in our cozy hut.  I was promised homework as well, and you know you’re an old lady when you don’t mind the idea.  Otherwise, today brought back memories of meeting by the lockers after school, especially when Jose walked me home from school.  But he refused to carry my books!  I’m going to ignore him during first period tomorrow in retribution.