The Long Road to Guatemala


At 7 a.m., our friend and missionary brother Joe delivered us to a bus stop along the road in Comayagua and sent us on our way to our language school in Antigua, Guatemala.  Yesterday’s adventure included a 14-hour long bus ride through the Honduran and Guatemalan countryside on a surprisingly comfortable bus.  Passing away a full day on a bus is not easy, but somehow we managed.  In true Jing fashion, I spent the majority of my time during the ride sleeping.  In true José fashion, he spent a good portion of the time on the road trying to prevent me from sleeping.

The trip passed with relatively few issues, but we did have a few adventures in an otherwise monotonous day.  Noteworthy was our success in maneuvering through bus transfers, including a rather nerve-racking moment when our bus handlers took our passports and walked away.  Turns out they were just walking them to our new driver, but it’s a little disconcerting when traveling through a new city and a man just takes your passport and goes off into a crowded station with it.  Crossing the border from Honduras to Guatemala also gave us a bit of a “I’m not sure what to do now” moment when we left the Honduras immigration station to discover our bus was missing.  Turns out you have to stroll down the road a bit to the Guatemala immigration station where the bus is waiting for you, but how would we know that?  I suppose all those directions in Español that the bus attendant gave previously might have addressed that small detail.  Lucky for us it was only a second before we spotted someone from our bus and managed to very covertly chase her down and follow her along to the other station.

We arrived in the beautiful city of Antigua at 9 p.m., where a gracious local who happened to catch a shuttle with us offered us a ride to our lodging and delivered us there intact.  Our lovely host, a kind Guatemalan woman who speaks no English, showed us to a comfortable room and we were able to rest.  Today’s adventures included mass at a local church, an walking exploration of the city, home cooked meals from our host with a sampling of cafe’s and random snacks in between, leaving me presently so full that I can barely walk.  The weather is beautiful here, the city is muy interesante, and our school adventure begins tomorrow.  All this goes to show how loving a God we have.  Despite being sojourners in a foreign land, He has blessed our steps along the way.