Learning to read, one day at a time

This evening I’m sitting in a beanbag chair studying CSS. I spent the morning practicing Active Record and learning Sinatra. If you’ve never heard of these things before, don’t worry because one week ago I was part of that population of society too.

It sometimes seems like all these things are way above my head and impossible to learn.  I’ve definitely sat in a few technology talks where I had no idea what was going on, but the neat thing is things are beginning to change for me.  I understand a little more each day, and that progress both encourages and surprises me.

At first, reading Ruby Documentation felt like reading Chinese, but now it seems like light reading material.  Okay, not really, but at least I understand it.  Before, reading source code felt like looking at Sanskrit, but now I can peruse source code like it was a storybook.  Again, not really but I can trace what it’s doing and even play around with that knowledge.

It’s not easy yet, but it gets easier as time goes on.  This is the story of DBC and learning code.  It’s painful at first to learn code.  Reading everything is a crazy mind stretch and it’s a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to train your brain to read computer languages, until you keep on doing it and one day you realize you know what it says.

If you’re on the train of learning code, keep at it!  We all are just trying to do a little more each day, until one day it feels like we knew it all along.