About Me

Welcome to my site, all about celebrating the blessings we have in life.  I’m a photographer and artist who’s had so many adventures I can’t remember them all.  I figured a blog would help.

I’m from the absolutely fabulous city of Virginia Beach but I consider several places home, including Baltimore, Maryland, Kaneohe, Hawaii, and Yokohama, Japan.  I’ve loved photography all my life, and I work with film and digital platforms and collect cameras like some people collect baseball cards.  Other loves crime dramas, hiking, fiction books, contemporary art museums and conversations with friends and random strangers.  I adore traveling and love to go places I’ve never been.   I am always up for an adventure!

Everything in my life centers around my love for God and the family He’s blessed me with.  I have a great cast of characters in my life, and my soundtrack is really awesome too!  Life is sweet.  Drop me a note and say hi.