Life with a furball

look there’s the boo cat he is constantly bathing all the while shedding

I’m John Wayne

Today I met a new friend.  His name is Feather.  Feather and I went on a walk on the North Shore.  Here is a list of what Feather and I have in common: Feather likes to stroll. While Teresa’s horse likes to tailgate, Feather likes to take his sweet time.  We all had to ride […]

All the Little Fishies

A lovely Sunday greeted Jose and I as we stepped outside of the church after Mass, and we decided to visit the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama.  The area has much to see – a beach park with lots of families clamming and wading, an amusement park with a roller coaster, and a market place […]

Do Lizards Have Personalities?

I ask the question because as I drove home I noticed one on my back windshield.  I was speeding along H-3 going about 70, when his little shadow crossed my mirror and I looked up to see him clinging to my windshield. My first instinct was to slow down, because I felt the little guy […]