Life in the Military

Relief supplies from American military families - I totally ninja-ed myself into the picture ;-)

When you live in a city that is so crowded that you become used to staring at strangers in the face from mere inches away, it becomes highly disconcerting when you don’t see anyone outside at all. End-of-the-world-movie scary. There are extra long lines at gas stations, but not a lot of cars on the […]


It’s been an interesting couple of days after our experience in a life-size cocktail shaker.  But please no worries on our behalf! We are well! Jose has been working, and I have been sorting myself and cleaning. I was avoiding going out because train schedules are still a little off, but today I met with […]

All Shook Up


In my most ninja-like way, I have cheated death once again. Yesterday was quite an adventure, but not one you would necessarily want. All is well here in Yokohama though, we are well-rested and furniture has been restored to their proper places. Prayers for all those in the Pacific who were affected by this massive […]

What’s that shaking?

There was an earthquake but I’m not scared anymore I’ve endured lots now.