Starting off Right

The last few weeks have provided Jing with a Floridian winter wonderland, consisting of bright sunny days with temperatures above 70 degrees and glasses of fresh orange juice squeezed from oranges from our very own fantastic backyard orange tree. Life in the sunshine state is made sweeter by our precious orange tree.   This fresh […]

Little Rainbow Ninja

Just because I’m red does not mean I’m opposed to different colors, and today I tried them all on at Jacksonville’s Color Me Rad Race!  The weekend has been subject to much preparation because as team captain of Team White on Rice, there were custom t-shirts and fluffy tutus to make. But all the arrangements […]

Superbowl Sunday and Why I Love Hipsters

Sports and I?  We’ve never quite understood each other.  Sure I know the rules of the game, but Sports is so demanding.  Players, stats, teams, their leaders and coaches – this information is extraneous to me except in chitchatting with fans.  But I’m no poser.  I can’t pretend I know much about you, Sports. So […]