Land that I Love

It’s been a few weeks since our return to United States, and we are happy to be home. I was reunited with my precious baby angel, a.k.a. The Cat, and our little family is currently camped out at an extended stay hotel in a business park in Jacksonville.  After the excitement of traveling the world, […]

Food Psych

I just finished reading A Horse and his Boy too.

  I love trying new things, and if the new thing is super strange, I at least don’t mind trying it once.  Jose and I have had a week of little rest, and yesterday we decided to relax by going out to eat.  There is a restaurant in our neighborhood that has been teasing us, […]

Cooking Class

Mix seafood and spice, some friends, conversation and you get a great lunch.

Drink Lottery

Hubby with mystery drink

There’s a game I play at Japanese bodegas that always ends with some sort of interesting discovery.  I call it drink (or snack) lottery.  This is where one picks a random drink from the local 7-11, mini-stop, daily, lawson or whatever store is three steps away on the street you happen to be on.  Or, […]

Diet Frustration

I try to eat good food but all i want to eat now is a donut, hear?


I have discovered That I am addicted to Chai tea lattes! Yum!


On Sundays I eat three donuts to celebrate my diet cheat day.


Tasty key lime pie it was not green and therefore a real key lime pie.

Diner in Japan

American lunch at a diner that serves my hamburger with egg.

Lunch day with Mitsuyo

When friends come for lunch It makes me feel special and we can eat cake