The Mission Field

  On my fourth day in Honduras, I awoke next to my beloved husband in a strange bed.  The first three days had been a blur of prayer time, getting to know our missionary team, planning out presentations and packing for our trip to the small rural villages tucked in the banana and coffee-filled mountains […]

The 1900’s: Hall Pass

  Cleaning and organizing in my house can be a veritable treasure hunt.  As a recovering pack rat, I constantly find things that brings back memories I’ve almost forgotten, especially from that hazy age of life called high school. In the 1900’s, as a freshman in high school I was nerdy and awkward.  Or maybe […]

Little Rainbow Ninja

Just because I’m red does not mean I’m opposed to different colors, and today I tried them all on at Jacksonville’s Color Me Rad Race!  The weekend has been subject to much preparation because as team captain of Team White on Rice, there were custom t-shirts and fluffy tutus to make. But all the arrangements […]

Ninjas vs. Henry

Lindsay and Clare came to visit me, and I remembered why I loved art school so much.  Not only because my entire occupation in school was to study art and make things, not only because I had access to a real live darkroom, but also because I had friends around who loved making art as […]

No Pee Before E

My friend and imaginary twin sister Myrna, after years of working for Catholic Heart Work Camp, is a professional road-tripping ninja.  She has determined to an exact science the amount of time wasted on rest stops, and so has declared that there is no stopping for the bathroom unless the gas tank is empty.  She flatly […]

In Loving Memory

Today is my friend Kevin’s birthday.  He would have been 30 years old today had his life not been cut tragically short by a car accident when we were in college.  I don’t have many memories from the golden period of high school that I treasure more than spending time with Kevin, whose humor and […]

Permanent Change of Station

Military life means friends move away and soon you find time is up.

Cooking Class

Mix seafood and spice, some friends, conversation and you get a great lunch.

Lunch day with Mitsuyo

When friends come for lunch It makes me feel special and we can eat cake

Geom-bae means

I love eating food with people who can explain what it is to me, it’s so enlightening!  But the key to communing with other cultures lies not only in food, but in drink as well.  In honor of our successful and finally over conference, we joined our Korean co-hosts for dinner and drinks and a […]