The Mission Field

  On my fourth day in Honduras, I awoke next to my beloved husband in a strange bed.  The first three days had been a blur of prayer time, getting to know our missionary team, planning out presentations and packing for our trip to the small rural villages tucked in the banana and coffee-filled mountains […]

In Loving Memory

Today is my friend Kevin’s birthday.  He would have been 30 years old today had his life not been cut tragically short by a car accident when we were in college.  I don’t have many memories from the golden period of high school that I treasure more than spending time with Kevin, whose humor and […]

Limited Time Offer

Ninjas love mail & you!

It’s summertime, my favorite season! I’ve decided that I want to offer something to you, the ten people who read this blog. I am combining a few of my favorite things to share with you! Introducing the I Love Mail (& You) Project. If you are one of the lucky ten people to sign up, […]

Something’s Coming

What could it be?

Friends, I have just over eight months until I’m thirty years old.  A milestone like this brings one to assess one’s goals, and I’ve been especially musing over the ones I said I would accomplish by the time I was thirty. I’m sure there were many.  I’ve long forgotten many of them.  I wanted to […]