Brand New Day: Five ways to get it done this year

Well, here it is!  A brand new year with which to start afresh.  So far the first two weeks of fulfilling my resolutions are about half and half (Half of my resolutions, half of the time).  Yes, technically, I have been flossing daily and working on my business, but I also ate half a pizza […]

Limited Time Offer

Ninjas love mail & you!

It’s summertime, my favorite season! I’ve decided that I want to offer something to you, the ten people who read this blog. I am combining a few of my favorite things to share with you! Introducing the I Love Mail (& You) Project. If you are one of the lucky ten people to sign up, […]

Something’s Coming

What could it be?

Friends, I have just over eight months until I’m thirty years old.  A milestone like this brings one to assess one’s goals, and I’ve been especially musing over the ones I said I would accomplish by the time I was thirty. I’m sure there were many.  I’ve long forgotten many of them.  I wanted to […]

I can do this

It’s easy to indulge oneself as an adult. As a child you are subject to the restrictions of institutions and your parents, your lack of funds or time. But these restrictions removed, you find that you’ve wasted a whole evening away watching crime dramas, eating ridiculous amounts of junk food and facebooking instead of buckling […]