Saving the Earth

Laundry Detergent Soup

The price of laundry detergent has always scandalized me, and thus I’ve decided to make my own as part of my effort to save the earth.  I used the following recipe, originally found at but halved for convenience in a small home: 2 cups water (boiling) 1 cup bar soap (grated) 1 cup Borax […]

Lunch day with Mitsuyo

When friends come for lunch It makes me feel special and we can eat cake

Features of my Mansion: Washing Machine

Itty Bitty Washing Machine

It’s Saturday, and in a fit of domestication to which I am sometimes prone, I spent the day cleaning the mansion. This included laundry, which happens to be my least favorite chore because I hate the back and forth and the folding, but also because it takes so darn long to finish. Now, I am […]

Features of my Mansion: Fish Oven

Now I’m going to start a multi-post series about my beloved cozy apartment, because although many of you will never see it, I’m absolutely sure you will still want to know all the details about coming to visit me as though you were able to.  So here’s your first lesson in Japanese apartmentism;  Japanese high-rise […]