Little Rainbow Ninja

Just because I’m red does not mean I’m opposed to different colors, and today I tried them all on at Jacksonville’s Color Me Rad Race!  The weekend has been subject to much preparation because as team captain of Team White on Rice, there were custom t-shirts and fluffy tutus to make. But all the arrangements […]

Ninjas vs. Henry

Lindsay and Clare came to visit me, and I remembered why I loved art school so much.  Not only because my entire occupation in school was to study art and make things, not only because I had access to a real live darkroom, but also because I had friends around who loved making art as […]

Superbowl Sunday and Why I Love Hipsters

Sports and I?  We’ve never quite understood each other.  Sure I know the rules of the game, but Sports is so demanding.  Players, stats, teams, their leaders and coaches – this information is extraneous to me except in chitchatting with fans.  But I’m no poser.  I can’t pretend I know much about you, Sports. So […]