Learning to read

Pictures into words kanjis are like a window into worlds of shapes.

I study Japanese

japanese all day books and tea in a cafe trying to learn words

Features of my Mansion: Washing Machine

Itty Bitty Washing Machine

It’s Saturday, and in a fit of domestication to which I am sometimes prone, I spent the day cleaning the mansion. This included laundry, which happens to be my least favorite chore because I hate the back and forth and the folding, but also because it takes so darn long to finish. Now, I am […]

Artistic Revival

Once again I’ve decided to search diligently for my hidden talent, so I’ve been taking a few classes at the Yokosuka Community Center to explore the possibilities. First on the list – Japanese calligraphy.  Well, it’s Japanese writing with a brush.  And my Japanese writing looks like a Japanese four-year-old’s, but somehow when one writes […]