Geom-bae means

I love eating food with people who can explain what it is to me, it’s so enlightening!  But the key to communing with other cultures lies not only in food, but in drink as well.  In honor of our successful and finally over conference, we joined our Korean co-hosts for dinner and drinks and a […]

I hate needles, but apparently I’ll try anything once.

I was convinced by Robbie to give acupuncture a go.  The conference was running a free medical clinic, complete with Western and Eastern style medicine.  I did it because I thought it might help my back, the one that hurts because I’m too lazy to work out.  I figured maybe I could help it out […]

I live a life of luxury, but only for two weeks at a time.

Every year I am “awarded” for my hard work with a week or two week “vacation” in a fabulous resort hotel.  I’ve been staying at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul, a hotel geared toward business travelers and large scale conferences.  While big fancy places usually make me nervous, I have gotten used to a few […]