Ninjas vs. Henry

Lindsay and Clare came to visit me, and I remembered why I loved art school so much.  Not only because my entire occupation in school was to study art and make things, not only because I had access to a real live darkroom, but also because I had friends around who loved making art as […]

Plastic Camera

Springtime Trees

About a million months ago Lindsay and I went on an adventure to Tokyu Hands.  Tokyu Hands is a enormous craft and hobby store in Shibuya, with about seven floors of anything you can imagine for crafting.  Think of it as Jennie-wonderland.  Michaels on crack.  A place where art dreams come true.  I frequently make […]

National Ninja Day

Birthday Cheesecake

Aloha and Happy Ninja Day!  Today we celebrate the start of my 30th year (right cousins?), and this weekend my lovely hubby treated me to a few of my favorite things.  Let’s review: A lovely day in the city of Tokyo, a gorgeous city that I love exploring, even when its cold. A visit to […]


I love shooting people, especially gorgeous people who like to be photographed.  Supermodel Lindsay and I had a great time in this unexpected plaza in Shinjuku.  It was a very urban site, complete with a awesome shiny reflective building, but in its plaza was a huge garden filled with tiny flowers and simply lovely.  It […]