Starting off Right

The last few weeks have provided Jing with a Floridian winter wonderland, consisting of bright sunny days with temperatures above 70 degrees and glasses of fresh orange juice squeezed from oranges from our very own fantastic backyard orange tree. Life in the sunshine state is made sweeter by our precious orange tree.   This fresh […]

Brand New Day: Five ways to get it done this year

Well, here it is!  A brand new year with which to start afresh.  So far the first two weeks of fulfilling my resolutions are about half and half (Half of my resolutions, half of the time).  Yes, technically, I have been flossing daily and working on my business, but I also ate half a pizza […]

Veggies and Resolutions

Every year on New Year’s Eve, my Nanay always told me to make sure I had money in my wallet. This was to ensure that my wallet would be filled all year long. She would also try to avoid spending any money on New Year’s Day. This was to ensure that we would not spend […]