The Mission Field

  On my fourth day in Honduras, I awoke next to my beloved husband in a strange bed.  The first three days had been a blur of prayer time, getting to know our missionary team, planning out presentations and packing for our trip to the small rural villages tucked in the banana and coffee-filled mountains […]

Food Psych

I just finished reading A Horse and his Boy too.

  I love trying new things, and if the new thing is super strange, I at least don’t mind trying it once.  Jose and I have had a week of little rest, and yesterday we decided to relax by going out to eat.  There is a restaurant in our neighborhood that has been teasing us, […]

Drink Lottery

Hubby with mystery drink

There’s a game I play at Japanese bodegas that always ends with some sort of interesting discovery.  I call it drink (or snack) lottery.  This is where one picks a random drink from the local 7-11, mini-stop, daily, lawson or whatever store is three steps away on the street you happen to be on.  Or, […]


I like to ride trains And watch the people riding To see what they do.

Chinese New Year

Chinatown New Year But no dragons did I see Quite a mystery

I hate needles, but apparently I’ll try anything once.

I was convinced by Robbie to give acupuncture a go.  The conference was running a free medical clinic, complete with Western and Eastern style medicine.  I did it because I thought it might help my back, the one that hurts because I’m too lazy to work out.  I figured maybe I could help it out […]

I live a life of luxury, but only for two weeks at a time.

Every year I am “awarded” for my hard work with a week or two week “vacation” in a fabulous resort hotel.  I’ve been staying at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul, a hotel geared toward business travelers and large scale conferences.  While big fancy places usually make me nervous, I have gotten used to a few […]

Space-A Station

I’m currently camping out in the air terminal of Andersen Air Force base in Guam.  Why Jing, what are you doing there?  Shouldn’t you be home in Japan, snuggling with your Jose and your precious baby treasure cat?  Well, I’mon a non-traditional vacation.  This vacation is not constrained by silly things like dates or a game-plan, but […]

Open Letter to a High School Gradutate

Dear Graduate, Congratulations on your monumental achievement!  You’ve survived and will now get to reap the benefits of life as an adult. I’m here to share my wisdom with you. Ten years ago I graduated from high school.  In school, I was a quiet, shy, nerd-type with lots of interests and great friends.  I worked […]

All the Little Fishies

A lovely Sunday greeted Jose and I as we stepped outside of the church after Mass, and we decided to visit the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama.  The area has much to see – a beach park with lots of families clamming and wading, an amusement park with a roller coaster, and a market place […]