The 1900’s: Hall Pass

  Cleaning and organizing in my house can be a veritable treasure hunt.  As a recovering pack rat, I constantly find things that brings back memories I’ve almost forgotten, especially from that hazy age of life called high school. In the 1900’s, as a freshman in high school I was nerdy and awkward.  Or maybe […]

Darn Cute Kids

Look at these kids.  They’re super cute.  We’re related.

In Loving Memory

Today is my friend Kevin’s birthday.  He would have been 30 years old today had his life not been cut tragically short by a car accident when we were in college.  I don’t have many memories from the golden period of high school that I treasure more than spending time with Kevin, whose humor and […]

Space-A Station

I’m currently camping out in the air terminal of Andersen Air Force base in Guam.  Why Jing, what are you doing there?  Shouldn’t you be home in Japan, snuggling with your Jose and your precious baby treasure cat?  Well, I’mon a non-traditional vacation.  This vacation is not constrained by silly things like dates or a game-plan, but […]

In love again.

So I’ve been in school for two weeks now, but I didn’t really get to recap my travels for the past few weeks.  I’ve had a blast visiting friends and sightseeing.  My trip home was a highlight of course, because I feel so separated from my parents and family sometimes that my heart just hurts […]